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Being Muslim Hajj is an annual Islamic pilgrimage to Macca, and it’s a greatest honor for a Muslims to perform Hajj. As well as the financially stable and Healthy individual is liable to perform Hajj Once in his life, Though this is the most awaited journey of a Muslim Individual yet people do worry about the travelling issues to the Holy City, as well as the whole procedure of tour, documents, hotel booking and all seems a hard job, but for our reputable customers Kirmani Travels is there to make this Islamic and religious obligation very easy and convenient.

From the first step of ticket booking till you return home after the accomplishment of this holy deed we are always there. We are having very efficient and cooperative in our office who gives you warm welcome when you visit and will share every tiny information without panic in a friendly ambience, will answer your entire question patiently and help you greatly to select the best Hajj Package for you.

After ticket booking you will be our responsibility throughout the journey, and then we will cater all your needs of food, hotel booking, documents compilation, flight reservation.

Our skillful and dedicated team will guide you about the Manasiks of Hajj, will assure the availability of comfortable camps in Mina, will provide you complete and authentic Sharia guidance. Also provide you with best quality and delicious food and beverages throughout the whole pilgrimage, so that you can perform your Hajj without getting worry about other thing, As you people are going to be the guest of Allah, Kirmani Travels let you feel like the guest of Allah by providing best quality services from your home, throughout travelling till the end of this Holy and Religious Tour.